Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Dominik Noël Huber - Makeup Artist & Creator

Live in: Recklinghausen - Works in: Recklinghausen, Germany

Give us a little background on yourself.

During my studies in international tourism management, I discovered my love for makeup. I practiced a lot and submitted an application for a contest, where one could win an apprenticeship as a Make Up Artist. Luckily I won the contest and proceeded to work on that as a career. Now I‘m working in social media marketing for a big European retailer and am the expert regarding all make up things in my team.

What do you think makes makeup so special in our world?

Make-up is art and your face the canvas. You can always create new things on it and transform yourself or others and their mindset. A few steps can boost someone’s confidence and make their whole day.

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

Every year there is an exhibition where the school, that I learned makeup in, and I are working and we’re doing makeup on others to collect donations for a good cause.

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