Featured Artist
Featured Artist

DeShawn Hatcher - Makeup Artist & Author

New York - New York, NY

Give us a little background on yourself.

I left behind corporate America (banking) to become a makeup artist. I knew no one and nothing and I am still here 20 years later working and teaching and learning. If I can do this, so can you with hard work, practice and perseverance. It's all there waiting for you to take it!

What drew you to a career in makeup?

It was a question my friend asked me, what would I do for free? I realized I had always done makeup for anyone who'd ask me, and I never wanted to be paid because it was such a joy. After my conversation with him, I decided to look up makeup schools in NY. Two weeks later I enrolled, 5 months later, after night classes 4 days a week, and working my full-time job, I graduated and never looked back

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

  • Guinness World Record for Beauty Director for the longest runway show in the world
  • Author of Assisting Rules, the Ultimate Guide to Assisting Makeup Artist and Hairstylists in Beauty, Fashion and Print
  • Creator of Inclusion, the only Pro Palette for People of Color (all POC) with Graftobian Makeup Company
  • Being published in over 100 magazines
  • Working on some of the hottest celebrities in the business
  • Being a makeup artist educator for the past 15 years, helping makeup artists become better at their beauty and business

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