Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Clint Brock - Pro Makeup Artist & Educator

Philadelphia - Philadelphia & NYC

Give us a little background on yourself.

I have done everything from product development, television, and fashion, to Educational classes! I hope that every time you leave my page, you walk away with some new knowledge.

What do you think makes makeup so special in our world?

Makeup has become its own entity. There are so many ways to wear makeup. I love the fact that we can share our experiences with each other via social media and learn from one another. You can put the same product in multiple artists' hands and get multiple results! I think that is what makeup fresh is as if you're looking at it for the first time!

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

I think my favorite projects are when I get to work with a brand and create something new and exciting(like a new product or a collaboration). My other favorite projects are always classes that I get to teach artists!

How Clint Brock uses Skindinavia

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