Featured Artist
Featured Artist

Asha Smith - Makeup Artist & Educator

NYC - New York, NY

Give us a little background on yourself.

I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and it “colors” everything that I do and how I see the world. We aren’t afraid to be who we are in Detroit and that’s the energy that I bring to my makeup applications. Everyone has something special about them. It’s a gift to show them that when they look in the mirror

Obviously, when an application calls for character makeup - the goal is different -but there still needs to be something for the person to relate to in the mirror. An anchor so to speak.

So I guess I believe in anchoring a person to themselves through makeup and helping them to look like their best selves and no one else.

What drew you to a career in makeup?

I was an Art Major and focused on photography in college. My love of photography sparked an interest in film, and I later earned a degree in media studies/filmmaking.

Finding the on-set demands of character analysis, maintaining film continuity, and collaborating with a creative team the most fascinating areas of film production, I ultimately combined my love of the transformative nature of makeup artistry with my love of film production. Over the years, I’ve stretched the bounds of my artistry by working in fashion, commercials, and even bridal.

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

  • Conde Nast – Vanity Fair: Movies in Motion
    • HMU/Grooming (Choreographers). May 2019
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZJy2cBlho8&t=1s
  • Live Television Comedy Special/Jose Cuervo Promotional:
    • Comedy Central “Comedy Commune”
    • Pudding Boy Productions
    • Grooming for Matteo Lane, May 2019
  • Television Series: “Wrongman” – Season 2 (Starz Network)
    • Radical Media
    • Key Makeup and Hair, April 2019
  • Commercial - Client: L’Oréal Preference Hair Color
    • Agency: McCann
    • Production Company: Good Company
    • Key Makeup Artist, September 2016
  • American Express Unstaged: Ellie Goulding
    • Director: Scarlett Johannsen
    • Producer: Jonathan Lia for Radical Media
    • Key Makeup Artist and Hair (Dancers Only), November 2015

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