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Featured Artist

Aga Rhodes - Makeup Artist & Educator

Lives in: Chicago - Works in: Chicago

Give us a little background on yourself. 

I’m a lead artist behind the brands - Makeup by Aga & Bridal by Aga - providing luxury experiences like makeup applications all over the world. My creative background from Art school in Poland (my home country) helps me look at every face like a clear canvas where I can bring out all the beauty that hides inside. Nearly 24 years of experience in the beauty industry, all fields, has helped me cater to every client who sits in my chair and every project that I'm involved in. 

Part of my mission in this industry is to be a voice for the community, support younger artists, focus on wellness, and introduce my clients to small brands & eco-friendly brands that are close to my heart.

As a tru Gemini, I don’t have a favorite job because I love them all! I am either leading runway shows for Vera Wang, working New York fashion week, taking care of my brides every weekend or tending to my personal clients. I treat everyone with the same respect, attention to detail, and over-the-top professionalism.

To me it is so much more than just a job or gig, when I go in, I go in with a full ❤️️

What drew you to a career in makeup?

Attending an Art-focused school in Poland, my homeland. The love for texture & color and, as a tru Gemini, the love for being around people.

What is your philosophy when it comes to makeup?

"Beauty is how you take care of yourself. It will radiate from the inside." I made it my mission to educate my clients & pro artists, that makeup is the last step in your beauty routine. Introducing them into the world of everyday wellness & small, friendly brands has been my mission for a while.

What do you think makes makeup so special in our world?

Definitely, it’s a magic ingredient in feeling confident to step in front of the camera, audience, walk down the aisle, or tackle everyday obstacles. Love the pep in my step that my signature bright lipstick gives me. 💋

What are some of your notable and/or favorite projects?

Ahhh, so many! Love seeing my real-life brides on the pages of magazines - the latest one was British Vogue. Deep inside, I’m a rocker and I work with many musicians on their album covers/videos or get them ready for stage performances. It gives me enormous pleasure. I always welcome creative projects, like Naha, being on the nominated team was a dream.

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