Summer Wedding Guest Makeup Looks

Ahhhh, wedding season. While it doesn’t compare to being the bride, being a guest at a wedding can be stressful too – it’s stressful trying to find a place to stay, figure out transportation to the venue, and of course, planning out what you are going to wear!

Thankfully, we’ve gathered a number of wedding makeup looks that you can try with your beautiful cocktail dress – so less stressing, more dancing the night away!

Five Summer Wedding Guest Makeup Looks

Wedding Guest Makeup Look #1 – Classic Red Lip

Although it’s may be still frowned upon to wear red to a wedding (is that still a thing?), wearing red lipstick is 100% acceptable and a great, classic look for a wedding. Since you’re sure to be doing a lot of eating and drinking, apply lipstick with a long-lasting formula so you won’t have to constantly reapply. And to keep it lasting even longer? Make sure to finish with a setting spray.

The classic red lip goes great with black dresses, especially if you are attending a black tie wedding. In the tutorial video below, Camila Coelho walks through a sexy red lip look that is easy and perfect for summer!

Wedding Guest Makeup Look #2 – Matching Dress/Makeup Combo

Matching your eyeshadow color to your outfit is a trend we have been seeing a lot so far this season, so why not try it out for a special occasion? Find a shade of eyeshadow, lipstick, or blush that matches your dress and apply to make a fashion-forward color statement. Just make sure to choose one area (i.e. eyeshadow or lip), and not to do them all at once! We are seeing a lot of bright colors this season, so get creative and fun and step out with hot pink, yellow, or royal blue! Need some inspo? This article from StyleCaster shows you 17 times celebrities matched their makeup to their outfit – we especially love Selena Gomez’s look!

Wedding Guest Makeup Look #3 – Smokey Eye

Another classic go-to makeup look, a smokey eye is perfect for an evening wedding and can be worn with pretty much any cocktail or formal dress. While there are plenty of variations of the smokey eye, the most basic look involves applying a lighter eyeshadow over the lid, tracing a darker colored eyeshadow over the outer corner, and then blending together. To achieve the full look, curl your lashes then apply two coats of mascara or even false eyelashes.

For a great beginner eye tutorial, check out this video from TheMakeupChair below.

Wedding Guest Makeup Look #4 – Soft Glam

A special occasion like a wedding means you’ll most likely be applying more makeup than your normal daily look. The video tutorial below by Teni Panosian walks you step-by-step on how to amplify your makeup look for a wedding, with bold brows, a gold gilimmery eyeshadow, and soft contouring on your face.

Wedding Guest Makeup Look #5 – Mile Long Lashes

Applying false lashes elevates your entire wedding makeup look, as you may not apply falsies normally! While it may seem intimidating to learn how to apply, Kait Nichole gives a beginner-friendly tutorial in her video below.

Each of these looks you could easily do yourself from home, but who says that only the bridal party should get their makeup professionally done? If you want to eliminate the stress of practicing or teaching yourself how to create one of these looks before the day of the wedding, try booking a professional makeup artist to apply one of these looks for you. After all, you want to look your best for all the pictures you are sure to take! Whatever makeup look you choose, we hope you have a great time this summer celebrating love.