Protecting Your Makeup from Smudging Under Your Mask

Posted by Missy L. on 9th Dec 2020

Protecting Your Makeup from Smudging Under Your Mask

Is your makeup doomed to smudge underneath your mask? Nope. We've had professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike put the  Skindinavia Finishing Spray to the test under their mask. The result: IT WORKS!

Why does our setting spray work best?

Unlike other setting sprays, Skindinavia's finishing/setting spray doesn't act like hairspray for your face. Instead of simply creating a tacky layer over your face, our formula creates a breathable mesh over your makeup. Couple that with our patented skin-cooling technology and you have a layer that protects your makeup by moving naturally with your skin and keeping it cool.

The same science that makes our setting spray effective at protecting your makeup from happy tears during a wedding or sweat during a Broadway performance will keep your makeup safe from your facemask. 

Do we have proof it works?

Of course we do! Our community of makeup professionals like Leslie Hernandez (in video above) and passionate content creators like Jacynda Jae (below) have been putting us to the test along with our community. 

When we asked our community who all is using Skindinavia to protect their makeup from their mask, 73% said that they were doing so.

Wear your mask and Skindinavia.

We're all looking forward to the day when masks are no longer a safety precaution that we all need to take part in. Until then, wear your mask to protect your friends, family and local community. Wear Skindinavia underneath your mask to protect your makeup.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay creative.