How to Protect Your Makeup from Your Mask

Posted by Kelli W. on 17th Dec 2020

How to Protect Your Makeup from Your Mask

Wearing a mask has become an essential part of life in 2020. This has created a problem for those of us that wear makeup and wish to while practicing our social safety precautions. Masks are ruining amazing makeup looks every single day. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the case. 

Here are some steps to ensure that you keep your makeup in place throughout the day, with and without your mask.

Spray Your Face with Setting Spray

This seems like the most obvious answer from us, a pioneer of finishing sprays. The truth is though that this does work. We've had our staff and customers try it out and the results have been very positive. 

The reason that it works so well is that Skindinavia setting sprays aren't just a layer that easily rubs off. Skindinavia crates a breathable mesh over your makeup that doesn't just help with friction, it helps with the heat and moisture caused by your breathing. Cooling your face and allowing it to breathe actually helps reduce the impact of the friction of your mask on your face. 

Spray Your Mask with Setting Spray

Masks are abrasive. This is what leads to them more easily rubbing off your makeup throughout the day. While the cooling science doesn't work particularly on your mask, the breathable mesh still provides a slightly smoother layer to place against your skin. 

Spray a couple of pumps across your edges and you should find that your makeup rubs off less easily. 

Wear Less Makeup

While we believe that all looks are AMAZING, the truth is that wearing less layers can also help reduce the heat produced underneath your mask and protect your skin. Any time you can reduce heat and friction further, you're going to leave your face in a better position to stay completely in place.

We love creating cheekbones as much as anyone but, there may be a time and place for that. That time might not be while we're all wearing masks to every single location. If you have a solid skincare routine, it might be time to let more of that natural beauty shine when you do take off your mask in front of others. 

Focus on the Eyes

The silver lining to half of your face being covered most of the time is that it really allows your eyes to POP! We've seen some amazing eye makeup this year. Sometimes, necessity brings out new elements of creative. We've definitely seen that with our community.

Show off your BEST smoky eye or winged eyeliner look and let's get through this together! 

These are skills that you'll be able to use long after masks go back in the drawer.